Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Mayo, grocery deals, baby shower, & question #11

Sorry for the lapse in posting - honestly my mind has been elsewhere! But, I thought it was time for an update and a few photos at least! First of all, price matching at Walmart is way more fun than I thought... we got 10lb blocks of cheese for only $7.50! And not just any cheese... Cache Valley cheese! Mmmmm queso! Along with that we got lots of other fruit (watermelon at 6lbs/99cents and oranges for 5lbs/99cents, strawberries 1lb/99cents (we bought lots and lots and lots of strawberries) and felt pretty good about our deals. Not trying to be boring with a grocery update, but come on, the cheese was a great deal! Oh, and just so you know, if you wash your strawberries in 1 part white vinegar and 10 parts water, rinse them, and dry them well, they won't mold for a long time! The vinegar kills the mold-causing spores and makes your strawberries last :). Either that, or you can just freeze them and use them later for smoothies (which is what we did with all the ones that weren't going to the baby shower).
You can see 1/4 of one of the cheese blocks that was grated by our handy kitchenaid in the corner of the photo. And all those strawberries!
Andrea had her baby shower this weekend (so excited for her!) and I decided I wanted to make this because I was in charge of the fruit:

Fancy, huh?! 

Well, it turned out great (thanks to Brian's efforts) and it was tasty too. The baby shower was lots of fun and Andrea is just the cutest pregnant girl ever. She could have this little girl any day now! 

We also celebrated Cinco de Mayo this weekend and had some friends over for a fiesta. We started the night by making mustaches, ate lots of Mexy Food, and watched Nacho Libre. Good times.


Oh, and the next question on my 30 questions project is: Describe 10 pet peeves you have
First ones that come to mind:

  1. Loud chewing
  2. Having to repeat myself more than once
  3. Bad driving
  4. Dirty dishes left to rot in the sink
  5. Spoiled, snotty children
  6. No toilet paper in the bathroom
  7. Excessive use of the words "Like" and "you know" 
  8. Traffic
  9. Rude people
  10. Getting my pants caught in the back of my shoes

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  1. Wow - most of your pet peeves are my pet peeves!! Also, you may have to use a megaphone around me and dad before too long so you won't have to repeat yourself.... Love the photos, and the fruit baby turned out adorable.

    Love you forever and ever!


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