Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#10. Most embarrassing moment!

10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

I am laughing right now just thinking about the one I want to share! Embarrassing things happen to me on the regular. For example, just the other day (night?) I was working a night shift and I really really had to, ahem, relieve my bladder. So, I finished up feeding one of the little babies and ran off to the loo. I guess in my haste I forgot to lock the door. So, there I was minding my own business and suddenly another nurse comes running into the bathroom (I guess she really had to go too). She was in such a rush that she was about 2 full steps inside the bathroom before she realized I was there. Whoops. She screamed (literally, screamed) and ran in the opposite direction while I just sat there and laughed. I kept laughing to help myself feel better but boy was I embarrassed. The worst part is that I didn't even see her for the rest of the night! I wanted to laugh about it with her so it wouldn't be awkward the next time we saw each other, but alas, I guess I might be dealing with that awkwardness on my next shift. Anyway, that story wasn't supposed to be that long because that's not the embarrassing moment I even wanted to talk about!

This one happened during my volunteer adventure in Guatemala. Everything is better in Guatemala after all!

Let me introduce you to the chicken bus. I wrote about them more here, but I will do a quick refresher. They are the public transportation of Guatemala. They will hold any amount of people willing to get on (I even saw a man hanging on the outside with his arms through the window to hang on once when we were going about 45 on a winding, bumpy jungle road! Anyway, you get on and then you are packed in there like sardines and then a man comes around gets your money. Oh, and they play very loud latin music for your enjoyment along the way. Oh, and they don't follow any traffic rules. Off-road? As fast as the bus can go? Not stopping for anything/anyone? Yep -Anything goes!

Ok, so it was my first week in Antigua Guatemala and I was loving it! I was there on a volunteer trip and I was ready to flex my volunteer muscles at an HIV clinic (which leads to another story...) up in the mountains of Guatemala. I was told how to get there and I would have to make a bus transfer at "the tree after the long fence before the market." Yikes. After going through the winding city, through the valley, over the hills, and into the mountains, I was lucky I got off at the right tree considering we were practically in a jungle.

And there was my bus! I was so glad it was waiting there so I wouldn't have to stand awkwardly by a tree in my scrubs looking like a lost tourist.

I jumped off the bus and got on the second bus with a little smirk on my face. I could totally handle this Guatemalan stuff! I greeted the driver and sat down without really looking around. As I sat there, however, I started to realize that all around me I could only hear children voices. I finally looked around and saw that there was a good reason for that - I was surrounded by Guatemalan kids! 

I was on a schoolbus. We were on our way to school. Bahahahahaha! I swallowed my pride and asked them if the hospital was on their way and they were so kind and dropped me off where I needed to go. Hahaha. I felt so dumb. The kids were nice though.

Here's the sugar on top. The next day I was waiting for my real bus and the schoolbus came up. The driver stuck his head out the window and offered me a ride again and I am happy to report that I took him up on his offer :)

chicken bus, volunteering

I have to brag a bit about the Mr.

Brian got at 90% on his chem final! It's the highest score he's heard of and it secures his A in one of the most difficult courses at BYU. He looked at me the other day and said, "Rach, I never realized before that I was smart." I always knew. He is going to do great in dental school!

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  1. Oh Rachael, you funny funny girl! Your posts are great! I love reading all this info about yourself.


  2. I want to hear who it was that walked in on you! Wish I could've been there, that would've been priceless! Now you will have to tell Becca so she doesn't feel like she is the only one with embarrassing moments at work!! LOL


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