Saturday, April 14, 2012

#8. Five passions I have

8. What are 5 passions you have?

1.  My family - both my immediate family that I grew up in and my new one (Brian!). I really believe that family is the most important aspect of life!
2.  My future. Maybe that sounds weird, but I think about my future a lot. Mostly my future family and what I can be doing now to help make it great.
3.  Adventures. I like to experience new things and places! My new adventure is this new job. I'm loving it, but it sure gives me a run for my money!
4.  Food. I sometimes think I have an unhealthy relationship with food, but I seriously love it. Mostly sugary stuff. 
5. The Gospel. Right now my passion is trying to figure it out better and get my questions answered so that I can do what God wants me to do! It is such a struggle sometimes to receive/recognize answers to prayer.
Work on Thursday was rather stressful. I had 3 needy babies who all wanted to be bottle-fed (which is difficult to fit in when I only have 1/2 hour scheduled with each baby and I have to do a full assessment, meds, diaper change, etc each time PLUS about 1/2 hour for bottle feeding. The time there just doesn't add up. But, somehow I was managing by starting early and ending a little late with their cares.... until 6:15 rolled around and the doctor wanted to do a lumbar puncture on one of my kiddos! Well, that was quite the time-consuming experience and I frantically had to try and get caught up again afterwards. Oh well. I survived. The babies survived too :).

Classes are over for Brian and now he is studying like crazy for finals. Right after finals he will continue studying like crazy for the DAT. Then he will apply to dental schools and take the DAT. Then we will hold our breath and pray that he gets into a good school. Then we will hold our breath and pray that he gets an awesome scholarship. Whew. This will be quite the year. Last year was quite the year too. Maybe every year is going to be crazy from here on out! 

Oh, and I've been having a bad case of "I want a baby." That could make this year interesting too. Not yet though, we're not quite there - so don't get too excited! 

Went to a a cute little market with Andrea today and saw a quote that I think I'll just have to put somewhere in my kiddos' rooms. I've heard it before, but this one had a bunch of little drawings of kids doing different things (ballerina, student, soccer player, cook, etc etc) and the quote "Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln. Inspiring. It was much cuter than the pic I could find online ... Though, this one is alright too :)

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