Friday, December 20, 2013

Black-eye Friday & Thanksgiving

Oh Brian. He always manages to make things interesting (2 broken feet, anyone remember that?). Well, luckily this wasn't as tragic as the fire pole episode, but it easily could have been!

For Thanksgiving we got to go to Queen Creek to have Thanksgiving with Brian's side of the family. There were tons of people there (as is usually the case with their family) and tons of cousins. Brian was playing night games and I was inside taking care of sweet Myla. Well, Brian comes rushing into the house with his hand over his eye and heads straight to the bathroom to assess the damage. Apparently he was running in the dark and got clotheslined. Literally. He ran into a clothesline. With his eye.

Someone was watching out for him and luckily there was no damage to his actual eyeball. He did get a impressively deep slice in the skin right next to his eye on the outside corner. 

His sweet (and talented) cousin, Natalie, stitched him up at her PA office and we were good to go. Thank heavens he didn't damage his eyeball - he needs both of them to be a dentist!!

With his stitch!

And our cute little muffin's first Thanksgiving :)

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  1. Perhaps Brian should ask for bubble wrap for Christmas ... just a thought.


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