Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Myla at 2 months

weight: 10lbs 3.5oz

length: 22.5in

Sweet baby girl,

This has been a very fun month! You are learning and growing so much every day and we are loving seeing your personality come out and develop. Your favorite times of the day are in the morning when you first get up (so many stretches & smiles!) and in the evening after your bath when you have mealtime, singing time, story time, and cuddles until you fall asleep. I think those are my favorite times of the day too. I love it when you are happy!

I would say your biggest "milestone" this month is smiling on cue. You'll smile and coo when we talk to you. You've even attempted giggling! It is fun to see how much your vision has developed, too - We can tell that you see much farther than before and you always follow us around the room with your eyes. You love faces and prefer to look at our faces more than any book or toy.

Our typical day consists of getting out of bed around 8ish, eating, getting you dressed, going on a looong walk (it helps you stay calm through your refluxing - as long as I can keep a binky in!), maybe a little nap for you while I try and get ready for the day, awake again for some more food and playtime/tummy time/dance party/maybe run some errands if you are feeling up to it, repeat, etc etc. If we're lucky, daddy comes home from school for lunch and he is usually home for dinner and/or bedtime. Usually, though, it's just you and me. We make quite the duo, I think :)

Your favorite things to do right now are eat, look at the Christmas tree, swing in your swing (near the Christmas tree, of course), sit in your bouncer chair while I bounce it with my foot, daddy's singing, the "elevator", and walks! You have a love/hate relationship with baby carriers but we're hoping to make it more of a "love" relationship before we head to Oklahoma at the end of the month!

Your reflux has it's good and bad days. I cherish the good ones and we get through the bad ones together. Your new medicine seems to be working better. We also took you to the chiropractor yesterday and she said your spine was a little out of alignment and she put it where it should be... sometimes that helps babies with reflux. You also had to have shots this week and that was NOT fun. You were a champ though and only cried for a little bit and then you slept for a lot of the day. I was grateful for the extra cuddles but sad to see you feeling sick.

You are getting so big! Our neighbor had a baby about 2 weeks ago and we couldn't believe how small she was compared to you (even though she is over a pound bigger than you were when you were born!). You have the CUTEST chunky thighs. I'm loving all your rolls! I counted them this morning - 3 on each thigh! Your hair just keeps growing - doesn't look like you're going to lose it like a lot of other babies. We are convinced that you are going to have auburn hair, like me. It looks brown indoors, but when you get in the sun, you can really see the red! Everyone says you are my little "mini me." - I hope your dimple sticks around! Your eyes are still a grayish blue and they seem to be getting lighter, not darker. I still think they'll end up hazel.

You're sleeping better and better! This week you slept 7+ hours in a row 3 times! That makes one happy momma... and baby :)

Current nicknames: Myla bean, Myla Roo, munchkin, sweet potato, pumpkin, puddin' pants (got that one from grammie & jen), pumpkin britches (from your dad), sweet girl

We spent your first Thanksgiving in Queen Creek, AZ with your daddy's side of the family. You were very social and loved cuddling with everyone... especially aunt Annette and her cousins - they just thought you were the cutest thing! We are looking forward to your very first Christmas in Oklahoma! Just crossing our fingers that you sleep on the plane...

We love you, Myla girl!

Care for some more photos? Don't mind if I do!

look at those tasty thigh rolls!!
And we've been having some fun with the whiteboard... Celebrating accomplishments, birthdays, and... poop.

And the progression... They grow too fast!

Yes, that is a spit up mark on her white onesie...  

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