Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas came early this year...

Brian got the Navy scholarship!!

They are going to pay for 3.75 years (we paid for the first quarter - they might pay us back for that), all of his books & supplies, his health insurance, and we get a living stipend! It is such a huge weight off of our shoulders. Midwestern is one of the most expensive dental schools and we figured that if we took out a 15 year loan for all of the expenses, we would end up paying around $700,000 in the end. CRAZY. But, not anymore!!

Our commitment to the navy is that Brian will serve as a Navy dentist for four years following dental school and will be in the reserves for an additional 4 years (we are told it is very, very rare for dentists to get called back in). He will probably be working on a naval base serving the soldiers and their families, but will likely have a tour on a submarine at some point. Good news is that the majority of the bases are by the ocean, so we will get to live close to the beach! Hawaii... California... Italy...? Wouldn't that be nice...

He worked very hard to get this scholarship and I couldn't be prouder - Good job, babe! Never thought I'd be a military wife!

And some pictures that I never posted from Brian's graduation from BYU and his white coat ceremony at midwestern (happened in October) --->
BYU graduation and white coat ceremony at Midwestern (I was 38 wks pregnant)
Brian and some friends from school after the white coat ceremony

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