Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hey guess what... yesterday it

SNOWED! Can you believe it?! It is officially winter....How do I know? Well, I wake up and it is dark, it is nearly dark by the time I come home from school, I am starting to give in to my hot chocolate cravings, and the big fluffy socks are out of storage.... oh yeah, and the ground is white. I have decided to have an attitude adjustment and really try and embrace this cold weather and frozen white fun - after all, I am going to have to live with it for at least 4 months, so it'd be best to enjoy it at least a little.

I haven't done an update in a while... so here you go!
*I finished the first part of labor and delivery and am now going back to pediatrics tomorrow. Oh how I love both of them - I don't want this semester to end! It is so great to help women on their journey to become moms and then help babies have the best introduction to the world and first few days ever! Oh the babies are so cute :)
*The rest of school is going well too - I am learning a TON in Isaiah and had to regurgitate that knowledge on a test Monday night - 30 short answer and a 3 page essay... ewwww. But, it was a good learning experience at least
*We had a nursing conference on Monday and we got free food and free stuff all for just sitting around in a skirt and listening to people talk about their nursing research! My personal favorite souvenir is a t-shirt that says "I <3 Old People." Classic.
*Halloween is this weekend and I STILL don't know what I am going to be - any suggestions? eh? eh?
*I got to carve pumpkins with my favorite girl ever on Friday night! Andrea Gardner, you are the best.
*Did I mention it snowed?
*my parents are coming up to Utah for Thanksgiving - woot woot! Brian and I are going to go up with them to Cache Valley to spend some time with grandma and gramps :)
*I GOT ACCEPTED TO GO TO GHANA IN THE SPRING FOR NURSING! Yeaaaaah! Should be a great adventure :)

Well, I should be studying - so my update will have to stop here... maybe you'll get more later!


  1. Why have I never known about using a cookie cutter for the top of the pumpkin? Brilliant. You girls are so cute and fun...I want to be your friend.

  2. This was SO much fun! I just loved it! Thanks for coming all the way up here to see me! It was a blast! LOVE YA!
    and lynne: the cookie cutter thing was a recent find in a magazine. it was pretty awesome.


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