Friday, February 26, 2010

dead fish... medical attention

I am sitting in an internet cafe and I think I like it. Well, upon taking 2 seconds to look around I have decided that it is not, in fact, an internet cafe.... more like an internet hole in the wall. But hey, it's STILL COOL! I decided against walking around in the dark to get to the office.

It's going to be my first weekend in Guatemala! Last weekend was spent in Honduras so I am excited to see what a Guatemalan weekend has to offer. I'm guessing beans will be in there somewhere haha.

Today was another great day in the hospital! I don't think I fully explained what I am doing there the last time I wrote. It has turned into a volunteer/internship experience and I am learning a whole lot. From 8-9 I help feed the children who can't do anything to help themselves. It is so sad and yet so rewarding. The kids are all really sweet. I made friends with a little boy named Henry this morning. We talked for a while and when I asked him what he was going to do for the rest of the day he said, "I'm going to play!..... with YOU!" Such a cutie. Unfortunately I had to tell him that I didn't get to stay... but I am already looking forward to seeing him on Monday. Their food looked a bit more appetizing today and included oatmeal as the base instead of beans. Que fancy! (that's for you Kiara, if you read this haha)

So, after helping with breakfast it's off to the clinic part of the hospital. On Tuesdays and Fridays I will be helping out una Doctora in Gynocology (I have already been witness to much more than I might have liked haha) and the other days I will be working with a doctor in Pediatrics. As far as I can tell I am the only volunteer working with the doctors. They seem to really enjoy explaining things to me and I am learning a TON of new vocabulary. I think little by little they are going to trust me to do more and more hands-on work. The people who come in are so humble and so nice. They have no money and are all very scared. We saw about 11 patients today and 3 of the women were SO scared that they were going to die of cancer. Luckily, after our examinations, we had good news for all of them!

At the clinic the people who come don't have money to pay for all of their procedures usually. But to try and help out they bring other things... like DEAD FISH! Yep, boy was I surprised yesterday when this lady whipped out a cooler full of fish for the doctor. I was even MORE surprised when the doctor dumped the contents of the cooler into a bedpan to save it for later. Bwa hahaha ha. Oh the smell was overpowering... we had to open the window. Today a couple ladies brought honey and I got a jar of canned fruit! I don't think I'm going to eat it because they say don't eat fruit that you didn't wash and peel... but I will give it to Magda and earn some points with her :)

I did my first haircut in Guatemala! No, I didn't get MY hair cut... but I cut Cory's hair. I thought about shaving a cool design into the back of it, but successfully restrained myself (a star would've looked really stylish I think).

chocobananas are awesome! Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. mmmm mmm!

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  1. Who's Cory? Sounds like you are in a great hospital and having LOTS of amazing experiences.
    Love you,


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