Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ok, this is a great story... So, last night I had my spanish class from 5-6. I had asked my sweet teacher the day before if she knew where an LDS church was. Well, she didn't but yesterday she came all prepared and even drew a map for me! She's so wonderful... so after class I decided to go find the church just so I would know where it was at. Daniel walked with me and when we got close I could tell it was our church (even though here all the streets are just colorful straight walls on both sides with doors every so kind of have to guess what businesses are). I could tell because there were a bunch of men in suits ushering people in the doors. I asked one of them what was going on and he said, "come in! come in! you'll get a good seat!" Well... obviously something important was going on and so we went in and found out that Neil Anderson, of the 12 apostles, was coming to speak to their ward. WHAT?! Man I'm a lucky girl! So, I went right in (a little underdressed unfortunately) and got a seat next to Marta, my new church friend. I was there about 40 minutes early and so we had lots of time to chat and she told me all about the ward and the missionaries (there aren't any sister missionaries in this area) and she invited me over to her house for dinner with her and her kids. She's so sweet! Daniel didn't stay because he "couldn't understand anything." Well... it was just this little beautiful chapel filled with beautiful Guatemalans and then... an apostle! And not just an apostle, but also his adorable wife, the guatemalan temple president and his wife, and Elder Clark of the 70. It was such a beautiful program! I was so grateful to be able to feel the spirit! They spoke about all different kinds of things but had an emphasis on diezmo. The wives also spoke in spanish - so cute! And THEN... at the end Elder Anderson said he wanted to meet every single person in there... and so we all lined up and shook his hand! It was awesome awesome AWESOME! Yeah... so my search for the chapel lasted a bit longer than planned... what a HUGE blessing. Yay :) I missed dinner, but that's ok with me.

Hmmm... what else happened yesterday? It just seems like so much happens I can't remember it all! I had a lot of Spanish homework so that kept me pretty busy. It was a good day.

Today... CRAZY day again! I successfully made it to and from my project today without any help... solita! It was quite the adventure but I didn't feel too nervous. Everybody on the buses were very nice. Well... my second string bus wasn't really a bus. It was a van. But it had just as many people in it as a bus. Chicken van? I was lucky though and got a seat in the front so I didn't have to lay across anybody or sit on anybody's head. Thank heavens. My project went well - I worked in the pharmacy this morning and had a class that talked about how the hospital started and stuff. I didn't get to practice too much spanish because I was alone for a lot of it, but I am going to be rotating stations every day this week to see what I like. I did get to see the babies for a minute and they are still as cute as ever.

Something I forgot to mention... sometimes there isn't any toilet paper and you have to use newspaper. I'm not going to lie... I prefer toilet paper

Sometimes it sounds like thunder outside but it's really the volcanos doing their thing - and puffs of smoke come out of the top! There are volcanoes almost on every side that you look :)

Apparently my tostadas with beets are called enchiladas over here... interesante! For breakfast this morning we had cold cereal and bananas - the cereal really masked the gross milk taste even though it was warm. It was actually really tasty!

Apparently you can get a great price on cuban cigars and rum here if anybody is interested. Kidding. But that's what everyone else is buying!

Guatemalan phrase to learn: Que calidad

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