Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hola hola!

I don't have much time to write today but just a few things.

#1 Guatemala is great! I am great! I have not needed to use my travelors diarrhea medicine yet :)
#2 I don't think that I mentioned something rather funny the first day... well, when the plane landed in Guatemala, lots of people sighed loudly and started clapping - I thought it was so funny! It was like they didn't actually expect us to touch down safely or something. I'm so happy we did!
#3 Yesterday I went in a TUK TUK - a little motorized vehicle that acts like a taxi but costs much less. We squeezed 4 people in the back and went to tour a beautiful cathedral and check out the more economical market. SUPER fun! I think I might become a Tuk Tuk driver one day - what do you think? The pics is of Sarah and me in the tuk tuk with our wonderful teachers :)
#4 I ate Guatemalan churros and platanos fritos in the market - super deliciosos!
#5 I found diet coke.
#6 Que chulero!!
#7 There aren't very many bugs here! I saw my first one yesterday - it was a wasp and no, it didn't bite me.
#8 Today I was left alone with 15 kids under the age of 3. It was awful! They were all screaming... eventually I got them calmed down but man it was rough. The other workers didn't even tell me they were leaving! So... I've had some other small issues with this location and I think they are going to change me to somewhere else. It's a good thing... even though the kids are super cute. Man, and I was just making headway with the pharmacy doctor - he let me work with the medications today while I taught him some English! But yeah, I requested a change and they're working on it :)
#9 I'm taking a trip to some ruins this weekend!!
#10 I got notice that I got spring/summer full scholarship! Yay!!
#11 This morning on my way to my project I accidently got on the wrong 2nd bus. I was kind of confused when I noticed that all the people getting on were small children... turns out it was a school bus. Good news though - they dropped me off at my hospital and didn't even charge me! GRATIS! Que suerte!

I have to get running before it gets darker! I don't want to walk home alone in the dark :)


  1. That is too funny that you got on a school bus. They all must have thought you were very tall for your age. Yay for your scholarship!

  2. ha!! school bus!
    that's something I would do.

    miss you lovebutt.


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