Tuesday, December 4, 2012

and another dental school!!

Found out yesterday that Brian also got into Roseman Dental School here in Utah! We're still waiting to hear about Loma Linda (Southern California) and Iowa. Roseman could be a good fit - I could keep my job, we wouldn't have to move very far, etc etc. Arizona would be a good fit too though because it is close to Brian's family. They are both excellent schools. Choices choices... I'm just glad we have some! I remember back when we were thinking we were crazy for wanting to apply a year earlier than planned. It was a crazy year of cramming in too many classes in too little time, studying for the DAT without having taken all the classes, and doing the insane application process... but it is all going to be worth it! Yay!

photo from http://rosemanu.wordpress.com/category/college-of-dental-medicine/


  1. I vote for this one... I think it's obvious why! haha... Don't leave me!!! :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE for you to go to Loma Linda if we go, too! John applied for grad school there!

    1. I would really love to live in Southern California - it's beautiful there!! Hopefully we hear back from them soon!

    2. So awesome! I'm glad you have choices. Still keeping my fingers crossed for AZ but Utah would be my runner up.


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