Saturday, April 24, 2010

fresh starts

Well... I am officially in Provo! I should be here for quite a while - spring... summer... fall... winter... spring... (possibly off for summer?)... & winter = graduation! So, I guess Provo is my new home. I'm not going to lie though, I really miss the warm New Mexican weather - it is freeeezing here. I'm freezing my nalgas off. But, it's supposed to get warm quick so I am EXCITED for that - summer in Utah is beautiful :).

My family and I drove up here on Thursday and I've been getting settled in ever since. I have my bed up on cinder-blocks and I literally have to get a running start to get up there :). It will be good exercise at least... maybe it will increase my jumping skills for my self-defense class! Well, I don't know if I need jumping skills for that class, but I hope we get to do some cool kicks hehe.

It's been fantastic seeing people that I haven't seen in forever... I've missed them! I really like my new apartment and my roommates are amazing! Suzie is from England, Jen is from Utah, & Ana is from Mexico originally. They are all RMs and really really nice. The ward is supposed to be great as well - apparently there is a 2:1 boy:girl ratio in the ward - which is UNHEARD of here in Provo. That will definitely be a different experience... usually it's the other way around! I've only met a few people from the ward but tomorrow I should be able to meet a LOT more - church.

Sarah just came over and let me know about a job she just got and I might go for it too - she works for a catering company and gets paid pretty well. So... I'll see if they want to hire me for the busy season (weddings... every day.... this is Utah in the summer we're talking about!). She started a few days ago and I guess they're looking for people. I'm still thinking about the MTC but I just don't know.

But yes, things are GREAT and I can't wait for all of the adventures ahead! I think being in Utah during this time is going to be a blast - there is so much to do - hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming...etc. Yay :)

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