Friday, April 30, 2010

it's snowing :/

Well, I finally took a picture today. It was the first picture I've taken since getting in Provo... so now you are introduced to my roommate Suzie Richards (well, at least a picture). She's amazing. Yesterday was a really great day - I got up nice and early to go to Nicole's wedding - the first sealing that I have been to - it was BEAUTIFUL! They were both so happy and so in love... the way it should be :). I ran around to class (you can see my notes for my literature class on my other blog) and then came home and got ready for the reception. Sarah took photos on her camera, so I don't have any to post here yet - but I'll post some when I can! The reception was lovely and the food was quite tasty :). You know, I've always been kind of afraid of marriage, and I think that going to their sealing really helped me out! The spirit was there so strong and there was so much peace in the room. Really, a beautiful experience.

Today was fun. I did about 4 hours of spanish homework before running to my spanish class (I was almost late again!). The teacher, Hermana Reyes, is a bit cooky (is that how you spell that word?), but I love her. She goes off on a lot of tangents - like asking the whole class who was married (1 person) and who had significant others (2 more people) and then chastising all of us for not "putting ourselves out there enough." Gotta love BYU. I then ran some errands to the Provo temple and to the management office... while talking to Dan (it was so good to hear from him!) and mom (always a treat :) ). Yep, a good day. And now, I am going to bed early because I am getting up early to go to the temple in the morning. SALT LAKE temple - live session! Woohooo. I'm really excited. Love you all!


  1. Just thought I would see what you've been up to. Say hello to everyone!!

  2. Oh you are so lucky to live with Suzy! I've taken a few classes with her and she is the greatest. Also- we really really do need to get together and grab lunch or go to the temple or something some time!


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