Saturday, April 17, 2010

Squirrels are vicious

Life is G R E A T here at home... it's a shame that I have to go back to studying all day (hehe... yeah right) at BYU next Thursday. I feel like I haven't been home in FOREVER and now I just have to leave again. But, in the meantime I am trying to do lots with the family and make more memories! I love adventures :). And for this very reason my sister and I went camping on Thursday! It was awesome! It was quite the trip and we were so proud that we could do everything by ourselves... we found a campground (after finding about 10 that were closed), almost found the waterfall we were hiking to (we weren't the only ones that couldn't find it!), got attacked by killer squirrels, made smores out of MEXICAN cookies (the ones with the adorable marshmallows!) and dark chocolate, ate lunch by a lake, made our own fire - without lighter fluid or gasoline, put up our own tent (after a few tries with the tarp), and had a GRAND TIME. I love spending time with my sister - she's such a hoot! And I love camping and I love smores - so it was a win win win situation.

Today Jen and I crashed the youth dance my parents were chaperoning... it was a blast. I remember back to the days when I thought those youth dances were a big deal... "Will I get asked to dance?" "Will he ask me to dance?" "Why did I eat so many nachos?!" "Oh boy... Vanilla Ice again..." "why did they play THREE slow dances back to back!" Oh the stresses of being 14. Glad that is over. Now I don't have to worry about anything important like that - only stuff like what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. Peace of cake ha :)

I also got to see one of my best buds today... DANIELLE! It's so fun to be able to catch up with friends - even though I've basically been gone for 2 years, I still feel like things haven't changed. Yeah, all my best friends might have gotten married while I was gone, but that's ok :) I'm so glad that they're all happy! Well, it's off to bed because tomorrow I'm going to the SPANISH BRANCH. I can't wait. Buenas noches!

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  1. Ah it looks like you are having so much fun, I love reading about your adventures. I can't wait for you to get to Provo so we can have some together!!!


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