Friday, March 26, 2010

adventure of the pinata

So last night we were a little bit... bored. We were just sitting in my room wondering what in the world we were going to do with our free night when suddenly... we spotted the pinata hanging in the corner.... So, he took a trip with us around town. We took pictures of him in notable spots around town... the house, the arches, the fountain, the hookah bar, the candy stands, with the police, with random kids in the street, etc etc. I carried around a bag full of pinata candy to share with everyone who agreed to be in a picture with the pinata. It was SO FUNNY. So... yes I admit that it was kind of a strange thing to do... but hey, we had to use the pinata for SOMETHING seeing as we hadn't busted it open yet. We got to meet a lot of new people from around the city and they were all very excited to be in our photos.


  1. These pictures made me laugh out loud! My favorite is the bathroom one, no - the motorcycle one, ummm no, definitely the game one.

  2. that's the freakiest thing i've ever seen.

    we had this lawn gnome up in idaho and we'd always try and get rid of him, but somehow he ALWAYS ended up in my shower. for reals. he creeped me out.


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