Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the thief has been caught!

The thief has been caught! It actually happened 2 days ago, but I forgot to write about it. So... we all thought we knew who robbed Cory's camera and we told the mom of the house and everything and she thought it was him too... Basically Cory threatened the kid that if the camera didn't show up, he was going to kill him. Ok, maybe not kill him... but he knew that he was going to be in trouble. Wellllll... lo and behold we get home from class on Monday and THERE IS THE CAMERA UNDER CORY'S PILLOW! This is ridiculous for a few reasons:

1. The kid broke into Cory's room again to return it... but this time through the window and there were footprints all over the wall.
2. He put it where we had already looked a million times - if he was smart he would've hidden it or something in the room!
3. He thought that because Cory ha
d the camera back it was all going to be ok... but that sad part is that all of the photos were erased (because he stole it to sell it), the settings were changed, and the battery was dead.

Suffice it to say that he has now been kicked out of the house but because he was so angry he broke his door (so funny when Eddy opened the d
oor to see if he was gone and it fell over - look at the picture). So, I figure that he was the one who stole my phone too. Boooooo. Too bad I will never get it back :/

I had a great evening last night! I invited Eddy to institute and so when he got off work we headed on over... little did we know that it wasn't really
a class last night but rather a FIESTA. There are a few people getting married this weekend and so we had a party for them - complete with delicious food (I made the guacamole :) ) and games. It was pretty fun - I won a piece of gum! We had a small class at the beginning and everyone just went around and talked about how studying 1 Nephi was helping them and what they had learned so far in the class. Last night I did my mountain of homework and went to bed late... and then got up nice and early for the gym this morning! The project went well this morning - a lot of the kids were grumpy for some reason, but I guess everyone has their good and bad days.

I just got out of Spanish class - my teacher is so adorable. Her name is Odilia and she is SO full of energy - I love her!

Next week is the Semana Santa here in Antigua and it is a HUGE deal - people come from all over the world to see it. Basically it's a huge Easter celebration with tons of parties and parades and who knows what else. They have been doing things for the past month or so to lead up to it... Here are a couple pictures I took on Sunday of what was going on. You can see in one of them something that looks like a rug - well, the people here get up at aroudn 3 or 4 in the morning to make these rugs in the streets... they are made out of colored sawdust, flowers, pine, wood, fruit, and whatever else they feel like using. They are HUGE and I believe they are supposed to represent the palm leaves that the Jews put down when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday... because then they have "procesiones" - which are parades with giant figures of Christ that they carry around and they walk over and smash up all of the beautiful rugs. It's kind of sad that they get destroyed, but at least they are celebrating a good thing! There are also tons and tons and tons of priests walking around in purple. Maybe I'm bad, but it makes me think about Harry Potter... cloaks and all. Quiddich anyone?

Well, I hope you all are wonderful! I only have 2.5 weeks left :( !

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  1. Hey tell your buddy that he can recover most if not all of his pictures...

    Here is the link:

    But tell him to not take any more pictures on that card!! that is important! because the deleted pictures are on the card still, but when he takes pictures there is a chance they'll cover them up...

    Hope it all works out for him!!
    Send me an e-mail if you have any questions...


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