Monday, March 8, 2010

gringo inundation


Things are wonderful :) Well... other than the small detail that about 30 new volunteers just came and so it is crazy! Gringos everywhere! I used to have to kind of look around to spot a gringo, but now they are en todos lados! Oh well, it's only for a week. It seems that everyone got it in their mind to come to Antigua for their Spring Break. They are pretty funny people but there are just SO MANY!

Anyway... on to better things.

Yes I still have lava up my nose.

I got your card mom and dad! Yay for bribing the guatemalan postmen (is that how you did it?)

Oh the CUTEST thing today - I was at my morning project helping out with the kids and I was taking care of little Perlita again. I sitting there holding her and talking to her... and then the big grin started again... and then she started GIGGLING! Oh it was the cutest thing! She wouldn't stop! Maybe she was laughing at my spanish (I hope not)... but I think she was just really happy. Such a cutie pie. I'm going to see if I can take her home with me.

In my other project today I got to help kids learn their numbers... man they are adorable. This little girl ran up to me with a picture of my name (she drew it)... "Raquel" - with a flower next to it. Adorable.

Things are great - hope you're all great too! Oh, one of the other volcanoes erupted this morning - Volcan Fuego. Woot woot! Man I love living on the wild side. On a lighter note - I don't think the lava got anywhere close. At all.

Happy International Woman's Day!

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