Friday, March 19, 2010


Hey hey hey!

Last night it RAINED! Oh boy I was so excited. I was walking Brenna halfway back to her house and suddenly CABOOM! Pouring rain!! We had to run inside of a little shop and buy some Guatemalan chips - what a shame... not! My project today was great fun - little Perlita fell asleep while I was holding her and starting giggling in her sleep. Oh my heart just melts every time! The doctor today had a patient in there for almost 2 hours because she was freaking out so bad about having some fibromas... it was quite the scene and quite the experience! I didn't do anything much except give the patient an encouraging smile every time the doctor took a breath from lecturing her. Wheweeee... I am definitely learning a lot about how to deal with people! You have to be firm and yet very understanding... these women are afraid that they are on their death beds! It's going to take a lot of patience to be a good nurse.

We're hopefully going to go out and do something fun tonight - maybe salsa dancing again?! OH, and I forgot to mention - I think I am going to the temple tomorrow! As long as I can figure out how to get there it will be great. Everyone is going to the city on Sunday to go see the new Alice in Wonderland and go shopping... which means I am going to have to get creative and find something else to do with my time all alone here in Antigua. Any ideas? Love you all!!


pics: giant cockroach and dog in the street - cutest one I've seen!!


  1. Sorry, but the cockroach doesn't look that big - let alone giant... I think you should write me a nice loooong email on Sunday.

  2. oh mommy mommy... it WAS giant! You don´t know how big that cement pot is! It was AT LEAST the size of my face. At least.

    or the size of my thumbnail. But a cockroach of any size is GIANT in my book. guacala!!!


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