Monday, March 15, 2010

public restrooms

Things are as you can probably guess.... grrrrreat! I haven't had any food poisoning (or Montezuma's revenge according to mom) since Wednesday - wahoooo! Sunday was another beautiful day - I love going to church here! On my looooong walk over there I got picked up by a friendly couple that was taking a tuk tuk to church - and good thing because I was running a bit late. The only problem with sacrament meeting is that the room echos. A LOT. And there are screaming kids. A LOT. I was explaining to jennifer that when a kids screams we get to hear it at least 5 times because of the echo. But, it's ok - I'm glad that they're at church! There was a baptism after church :) - I always love those! Later on I went with my friend Byron to a YSA broadcast out in Chimatenango (about a 40 minute bus ride)... that was fun. I learned lots about lots about many things because he is a tour guide. Very interesting.

Last night we just hung out and had a good time - I still haven't busted open my other pinata but I did manage to steal some candy out of it's head yesterday. Mmmm Mmmm! I also bought some paints so I could do some more painting - thanks for getting me into painting jen - I love it!

Today has been great so far - although I haven't eaten beans yet and that is weird. I think something must be wrong in the house! I mean, NO BEANS?! What is going on?! Usually I have had them twice by now. I guess we'll see what happens at dinner time. The kids were great at the hospital and I had a good time with the doctora too. Nothing new today, but I got to do some more exams! Soon I'll be an expert! The kids are SO CUTE at the after school program. I just feel so needed and loved there... everytime I get there they come RUNNING to the door yelling "raquel! raquel!" Oh it just melts my heart. Same thing happens when I leave except they yell, "gracias!" instead. I helped a 9 year old learn the alphabet today... it is so sad that they are so far behind. Well, I'm off to the library to return my books and get some new ones! LOVE YOU!


side note: there are so many public restrooms here... like anywhere you want! Yep... just walk down the street and pick your sidewalk square. No shame no shame. Watch where you step and don't splash in puddles around here.

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  1. Yuck about sidewalk square bathrooms!


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