Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well... I don't have much time to write but I just wanted to give a little update... Yesterday was a fabulous day - I was back with Doctora Quinonez and she let me do the cancer exams and then kill some more cancer. Sometimes I pretend I am a superhero when I am there... killing all of the stuff that is hurting other people (aka burning off cervical cancer with a really cool freezing gun). Life is GOOD! I studied a lot of spanish ... man I can't wait to take the classes at BYU when I get there. So after studying and hanging out with Brenna for a while we got ready to "go go Nancy's house to see what it looks like." Little did I know that it was all a ploy. We got on the most crowded chicken bus I've ever been on (I had to practically sit on somebody's face!). Before we got to her house though, Magdiel asked us if we wanted to see what the new volunteer house looked like. Of course we said yes! Well... we got there and suddenly... SURPRISE!! They threw a surprise party for me! Complete with another pinata! Oh happiness :) I have the best friends ever! We had a delicious cake and mmm mmm mmm... so fun.

Eddy and Brenna with the pinanta, Nancy!, the dead pinanta,
... at the very end with a few of the people who came, and Fernanda, Magdiel, and another friend!

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