Tuesday, March 23, 2010

cajita feliz

Our trip to McDonalds! We got kidsmeals of course :) But here it is a "cajita feliz" Really really tasty! And the toys were pretty fantastic as well.

Oh how happy I was to have a hamburger. It was probably made out of beans, but I couldn't tell the difference.

The entrance

I like this one - it has the Moroni tower and the Guatemalan flag!

Feliz :)

This is yogurfruz... amazing frozen yogurt with fresh fruit! Brenna and I just had to try it (we shared) and of course had to take a picture to document the deliciousness.


Cool picture at sunset yesterday... I LOVE the cobblestone roads here (except when I trip and fall... which happens, on average, 3x/day). This is close to central park. That is a volcano erupting in the background. Kidding... but it is a volcano.

Here is another volcano! And all of those cars are taxis that you can ride in. Everytime I walk past here I get attacked by hopeful taxi drivers. "You want ride? Special price just for you. Cheap price. Ride?"

And here is a video of the lava from the volcano... enjoy!

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