Tuesday, March 16, 2010

helado = amor

I love ice cream
I love naturally made "homemade style" ice cream
I love ice cream on a stick
...dipped in chocolate
...with huge chunks of real fruit in it

that only costs 45 cents.


Ok, enough of that little tangent. I am just so grateful for Jochen... our German friend who discovered possibly the best find in all of Antigua.

Updates from Guatemala...
*we are breaking my other pinanta tonight I think!
*I have started going to the gym... 5 o'clock this morning!
*I was in pediatrics all day today and it was fabulous - even though the doctor wouldn't quit telling me that I needed to marry a Guatemalan man and live here forever. What do you think mom and dad - want to come live here with me?
*The kids were adorable again today (like always) - I brought them all of the candy from my pinata and boy were they excited! I got to play disney princess memory game with them - wahoo!
*Ok I have been meaning to write about this for a long time but I always forget... Apparently I sleep walk. About 2 weeks ago Cory comes up to me in the morning and says, "what in the world were you doing last night?" or something to that effect. Apparently he was woken up at about 2am by a sleepwalking me. I supposedly hit open his door with two hands, looked inside, and then ran away back to my room. Weeeeeird. I don't recall having a history of sleep walking but hey, I guess I can learn new skills every day.
*I am developing a rather disgusting farmers tan - reminds me of the good ol' mission!

Things are fantastic! I hope you all are doing great :) xoxo


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