Wednesday, March 10, 2010


How to have an amazing birthday: Spend it helping other people!

I can't remember a past birthday when I spent the whole day trying to help other people... but really that's the best way to celebrate life - helping better the lives of other people! Nobody knew it was my birthday at the hospital... well, except Henry and I made him promise not to tell anyone. But it was such a great day at the hospital - The kids just get cuter every single day. I took care of Leslie (the cutie in the photos) for an hour or so and she was just so snuggly and cute! It is so crazy to me to think that their families just abandoned them. She is 6 years old but she is the size of a 2 or 3 year old... itsy bitsy. Then... when I went with Doctora Quinonez she decided that it was time for me to get some more hands on experience... she let me do the exams! I even got to freeze of some cervical cancer with a freezing gun. Yep.... it was quite the experience!

I invited my 2 new Korean friends to come with me to my other project (Kelly & Jenn - family names!) and we had such a great time! Kelly is terrified of everything and I was getting a huge kick out of it. One example: we were walking to the project and one of the stray dogs (they are everywhere) was walking behind her... when she realized it she SCREAMED and started running away. Well, naturally the dog thought she was playing and followed her. Bwa hahahaha. Anyway... it's good she's cautious I suppose :). But we had a great time with the kids in the after school program! They found out it was my birthday and little Sandy came up to me with a flower and said, "para tu cumpleanos Raquel!" So cute. She's the one in the pic with me and the flower. We played a lot of games with them (Jenn got hit in the head with a soccer ball...) and they sang me happy birthday. I love those kids! I am so glad that I get to hang out with them and help them learn :) Afterwards we went to a panaderia and bought some delicious bread and a cupcake with sprinkles... yum yum!

Later it was time for institute and they surprised me with cake and tostadas! It was a lot of fun and I was very grateful... but unfortunately I had to experience my tostadas again as I got food poisoning and was up half the night! GUACALA! But I slept until about 2:30 today and now am feeling better... not 100% but what do you expect of a guacamole assault?

And... I got a pinata from Cory and Eddy! I have yet to break it because I was having a hard time with my tostadas... but I am going to bust that creepy rabbit open asap! I LOVE PINATAS! Ok... well I'm off to buy a bus ticket to Chi Chi (we're off on another adventure tomorrow!).

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! Watch out for killer tostadas!

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  1. Cute CUTE kids! Well, you too of course. The bunny pinata does look a little psycho, but in a nice way.


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