Thursday, March 4, 2010

CANCHE... si, yo soy canche

Busy crazy day! I love these kind of days! The hospital went really well this morning - the doctora told me that she is going to let me do the exams next week. Hurray! Well, not the whole exam - but I get to do the parts that require gloves if you know what I mean haha. I had a great time with the kids... I got called a canchita by Henry. That means "white girl." I'll blame it on the hair.

I went to another service project today that somebody at the hospital told me about - It is a little afterschool program that a lady started for kids who need help with their homework. These kids are some of the poorest that I have met and they are SO SWEET! After helping them out I had to leave a bit early so I could do my homework before class and they all came running to the door yelling "gracias! gracias! gracias raquel!" Oh it was so cute. They are adorable. I am going to be doing that from 2:30-4:30 probably 4 times a week in addition to my other volunteering. So much for my midafternoon naps! But yeah, it was a good experience. Then I rushed over to the school (about a 25 minute walk) for my class and now I am here typing. At 6 (in about 4 minutes) I'm meeting a guy that I met at institute for dinner and he's going to tell me about the places I should go (he's worked as a tour guide). THEN tonight we're probably going salsa dancing. Ay caray - I'm going to be so pooped! But yeah, I better head out to the park! Love you all!


Oh - these are some pics.... Me and Eddy - my neighbor. I was trying to teach him (or maybe he was trying to teach me?) how to look like an american gangsta... Not too sure how it worked. Then there is the picture of the adorable children I work with in the mornings! Poor kids in their wheelchairs...

And then there is me and my favorite kid Henry! I love this kid!

Ta ta for now

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  1. Give the kids a hug from me por favor


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