Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things are fantastic! Nothing too new to report. I learned more about prepositions in my spanish class today. I registered for my classes!! eeee! I am excited for BYU!

Here are some Guatemalan phrases/words for your enjoyment. To be used liberally...

"A la gran!" - yowsa!

"Puchica!" - darn it!

"Chucho" - dog

"Minino" - cat

"Chilero" - "cool"

"Poporoto" - popcorn

"Patojo" - guy

"Pilas" - hurry up!

"va pues" - "ok"

"pues si" - "soooo...."

"buena onda" - "thanks for the favor..."

"vaya" - "ok" or "all right"


  1. "que mango" - girls say it about guys when they think they're HOT!

  2. Pues si chilero chucho - a la gran! (just practicing)

  3. Mom, you never told me you were guatemalan! It's all starting to make more sense now!


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