Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wheweee! What a day! I don't have much time to write but I just wanted to put a couple things down....

#1. The horses here have bags attached to their nalgas so that when they poop it doesn't go in the street - genius!

#2. It was my doctora's birthday today and we celebrated with salchichas and cake! Yummy :)

#3. I keep having nightmares! I don't know why!

#4. Institute was FABULOUS last night! I got there right at 7:30 and there wasn't anybody there... the door was locked and I was out on the dark street... so I decided that waiting wasn't the safest idea and started to take off - but then I saw a guy I had met on Sunday coming and all was well. The class didn't start until about 8:15 but it was really good - I love studying the Book of Mormon! We studied 1 Nephi chapters 1-5. There were only about 5 or 6 people in the class (including me and the teacher) but we had a really good time. A few of them might come to hike a volcano with me this weekend. I got to ride in a car for my second time her in Guatemala because they took me home. Thank goodness - it was really late when we got out!

#5 Miracle! One of my favorite people on my mission that I taught sent me a message today to tell me that he's ready to get baptized!! I am SO HAPPY! I always knew he would :) He's out in Santee - and Hna Thomas got transferred back there (she and I were the first ones who really started teaching him)... I know that there is a reason that she went back. I don't know if I'll be able to go because he's going to do it next month, but I hope that I can!

#6. No shrimp offers today

#7 Here are some pics from my work! A couple of the kids and then a pic from the outside of the building - beautiful! I love it here.

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