Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can't believe that today is already THURSDAY - these days are passing by so so fast. I guess it gets that way when you get into a routine. I guess that means it's time to SHAKE IT UP! Well, I can't really shake it up too much but I am going to start taking Spanish classes again - this time from a different teacher. I start on Monday. I have also been going to the gym :) I didn't realize how much I missed it! This morning was great because I was in the gym when the sun came up and it was SO BEAUTIFUL - I could see it come up by the volcano and it just made me so happy. I am so blessed to be in such a beautiful country experiencing so many wonderful things.

Sad story though: I woke up yesterday morning at 5 o'clock to go and then when we got there the power was out. NOOOOO! Luckily I didn't have any problems falling back asleep. Even though I now have nightmares about the LLORONA. You might wonder who this Llorona character is. Well, there is a legend here about a woman who's kids were all murdered and that she now appears in Antigua and in the surrounding villages. She wears a long white dress, has long dark hair that covers most of her face, and she cries. She is usually found around water because her kids were all drowned. Here is the creepy part: If you hear her crying and it sounds really loud that means that she is far away from you. However, if you hear her crying and it is really soft that means that she is right next to you!! Ok, but it gets scarier. I only heard about this story last week. About THREE weeks ago I was walking home with Cory pretty late at night - there weren't many people out and about. Well, we walked by the fountain and saw a woman in a long white dress, long dark hair, crying.... we were pretty creeped out about it and got goosebumps - so creeped out, in fact, that we ran the rest of the way home! So then, a couple weeks later somebody told me about this "legend." - BUT WE ACTUALLY SAW HER! I think. I mean, it seems to add up. Creepy.

There is also another legend about El Sobreron... it's about this little short man with a HUGE sombrero that sings beautiful music to lure women to him. He likes women with long hair and sometimes he sneaks into their rooms at night and braids their hair. CREEEEPY. No, I have not seen him :)

I'm getting in good with the cooks here - it's taken some time but it is starting to pay off. No more gross pieces of meat!

The projects are still going great - I spent some time in pediatrics again this week and that was fantastic! It is a much different vocabularly than gynocology haha. The doctor is really cool though - we get along great!

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