Monday, March 22, 2010



* The temple was amazing - I loved it! It was a nice ride up there with a bus full of people going to the temple... and Cory - he also hitched a ride. The temple is beautiful and there were people there from all over central america. We were there for a really long time - we arrived around 3 and didn't physically get out of the temple until around 7:30 or so... and then back home by 9:30. Some interesting things happened on the trip home - no I'm not going to talk about it on the blog...

* Cory's camera got stolen and we think we know who it was...

* Church was fantastic (like always) - I love that little ward

* I have decided to develop my talents - I am now painting and drawing on a regular basis - I love it!

*Started Spanish lessons again with a new teacher - I think it's going to be really good!

*I found another new project taking care of premature babies... I might start next week :)

*Today was a really fun day at the hospital - I was in pediatrics and the CUTEST babies came in. One was only 8 days old... cute cute cute...beautiful dark skin, long long eyelashes, tons of fluffy hair, little cute hands and feet... oh I just wanted to steal her and bring her home! She has a cleft lip and they are going to fix it up for her :). The doctor always tells the parents that I am willing to take their children to the United States if they want. I have yet to have someone say yes :/ We ended early with the doctors and so I went to help in the physical therapy department - I'm so glad I went instead of going home early because it was so much fun! We danced with them to some great spanish music and then played with a parachute and ball... even though I got clawed in the face and about ran over by a few wheelchairs, it was a great time.

*I'll post pictures tomorrow! Love you all :)


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  1. Yay for temples! I'm glad the Spanish lessons are looking good.

    Love you cluckers!


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